Install lastest version of logstash on centos 7

Hello Friends,
I am looking an article,web page or steps using which i can install logstash latest version and related components.
We have IBM HTTP server
Kibana 4.1.1
Logstash 1.5.2
Elasticsearch 1.6.0
Redis 3.0.2

Main concern is i am not sure if Kibana can be installed on IBM HTTP server or not.

Googling "install elk centos" gives me the following article as the first hit: How To Install Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack) on CentOS 7 | DigitalOcean

That said, the vast vast majority of what it takes to install this stack is unrelated to what operating system you're using so the shouldn't be any shortage in reading material.

Let's keep the IBM HTTP Server question in the thread you started for that purpose (below).