Install on LXC hangs at 17%

Trying to install kibana on an LXC container under proxmox. Fresh container using an ubuntu template, installed the repo just fine, did apt update, no problems.

Once I do apt install kibana, it seems to go ok until it reaches 17%, and then outright hangs. disk i/o goes super high, lagging other containers, and it never moves past 17%, just hangs there.

Any thoughts here? I have 6 other containers all doing various other things, no issues.

This maybe seems to be related in some way?

Tried under Docker using an LXC container still, running into probably the same problem?

8ba884070f61 is stuck completely, not moving from 20MB/75MB, the others are completing very slowly.

According to netdata, the drive is doing quite a lot, but seemingly not getting anywhere...

Hey - depending on IO limits we may need to give it more time. The current build has node_modules included, we're working on eventually phasing this out, but in the interim it includes a huge number of files. We'll see longer in windows (~20 mins) but it's not completely out of the ordinary on Linux.

Is your dockerfile mounting any of this as a volume or anything? Any info on hardware allocated?

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