Kibana upgrade --> xpack install then 'Optimizing and caching browser bundles...'


Yesterday I upgraded my lab from 5.5.0 to 5.5.1. Went through the whole upgrade process with no problems. Up to the stage of installing x-pack for Kibana and the process is stuck at the 'Optimizing and caching browser bundles...' stage.
I have left it now 26hrs (started Saturday 5pm).

Kibana is running as a vm, 4Gb allocated to it and its also an ES node. Looking at resources being used via esxi and hovering around 2 1/2 Gb.

Am I best to just let it go or can I kill the x-pack install and enable some debugging and then try to install x-pack again to see whats holding it up?



Any ideas?

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What OS are you running this on?
There have been some intermittent issues on Windows where it wouldn't exist out of the install in cmd unless you pressed Enter.


What about if its installed on Ubuntu. Still going for 48+ hrs now.


Hi. Got this working by killing the job (Ctl C) and then removing it then moving the storage from spinning disk to SSD (vMotion storage), ran the plugin install again and it was done in 2hrs.

Looks like my slow disks were the culprit.

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