Kibana plugin stuck at optimizing and caching browser bundles

Hi, Just performed an upgrade my my stack from 5.4.0 --> 5.4.1. All went well except when I went to install the new upgraded version of kibana x-pack it has hung at optimizing and caching browser bundles. I have tried removing kibana completely (apt-get purge kibana) and re-install again and then re-run kibana x-pack plugin but still hung at this stage.

I don't see anything interesting (actually nothing) in /var/log/syslog...

any pointers?

"optimizing and caching browser bundles"


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Hi, left this and it came good after 1hr?

I think my Kibana vm needs more memory.

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Hi jamesl,

Can you share with us how much memory your VM originally has/had? Did you increase it and try again?

I'm thinking that if the VM only runs Kibana and X-Pack it would probably need at least 2G to get past that optimization step.

For testing purposes I usually install the full stack on one VM and give it 6GB. But that's with Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and a couple of Beats running.


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