Issue in installing kibana plugins

Hi Team,

I am trying to install a kibana plugin on kibana 6.3.1 and the status is hung at the step of

Optimizing and caching browser bundles...

i am facing this issue with 6.3.X versions only.
Can you please help on this?

Hey @vissu, Kibana's optimizer can be rather resource intensive, how much memory/CPU do you have available, and which plugin are you trying to install?

I have 32GB RAM and 6 cores cpu. i am trying to install readonlyREST. i was not facing this kind of issue with 6.2.4 version.

@vissu I can't speak directly toward the readonlyREST plugin, but I was just able to install another plugin on 6.3 in under 2 minutes on a less powerful machine. The Optimizing and caching browser bundles... step packages all of the client assets into bundles for usage within the client, so it's possible that the readonlyREST plugin is doing something different in 6.3 compared to 6.2 which is causing it to "hang".

@Brandon_Kobel from the developer standpoint, is there any way to enable a verbose mode in this optimisation process? Just to see where things hang.

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