Install Timelion offline

(Carlos Vega Moreno) #1

Is there any way to install this kibana plugin offline?

It would be really useful for offline machines.

Thanks in advance

(Matt Bargar) #2

You could download the timelion archive manually from:

And install it via:

./bin/kibana plugin -i timelion -u file://<path to local archive>

Note that this is not an official way to install timelion, and those exact steps might not work in the future.

(sen) #3

Hello Bargs,

I tried to install timelion, as indicated in the website, through the command ./bin/kibana plugin -i kibana/timelion but i got the following error:

Error: Client request error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Client request error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND"

Then, I tried you method and I got the following error:

Attempting to transfer from file://home/desktop/ELK/kibana-4.4.2-linux-x64/bin/timelion-latest.tar.gz
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "No valid url specified."

Do you have please a solution to my problem ?

Thanks !


(sen) #4

I finally managed to solve my problem. I just had to extract it to kibana/installedPlugins and then run kibana. It perfectlly works !


(Matt Bargar) #5

If your requirements don't force you to do an offline install I'd recommend trying to get the regular plugin install working. Based on the error you posted, it looks like you might be having DNS issues, so that's where I'd start investigating.

(system) #6