Installing Timelion with no Internet access

My linux server doesn't have real world access so I downloaded it from GIT...

Then sent it over to the server... but its a zip, so the install command doesn't work.

Okay, so Unzip and then tar.gz it...

unzip --> unzip to timelion-master

tar cvzf timelion-master.tar.gz timelion-master --> zip it into timelion-master.tar.gz

then I attempt to install...

qqb2c00@ltb2c01:~/elk/kibana-4.2.0-beta2-linux-x64> ./bin/kibana plugin -i timelion -u file:timelion-master.tar.gz
Installing timelion
Attempting to extract from file:timelion-master.tar.gz
Extraction complete
Optimizing and caching browser bundles...
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Optimizations failure.

ERROR in ./installedPlugins/.plugin.installing/public/directives/expression_directive.js
Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module 'pegjs' in /global/contint/elk/kibana-4.2.0-beta2-linux-x64/installedPlugins/.plugin.installing/public/directives
 @ ./installedPlugins/.plugin.installing/public/directives/expression_directive.js 6:10-26

Any ideas?

Github archives, of all projects, are of the source, not the build. You'd need to download the built version from

I also can't promise it will work on 4.2.0 beta 2. I'd update to 4.3.0 if I were you.

once downloaded, how do you install? where do you put this file?

extract it to kibana/installedPlugins

I extracted timelion-latest.tar file to kibana/installedPlugins but it's not working and even if i removed it, Kibana is returning internal server error. How could I fix it?

You really should use the the Kibana plugin installer with the --url option pointing to a file path. That said, if you need to fix your current Kibana installation you can rm -rf optimize/* in your Kibana directory