Unable to install Kibana Plugin?

I am trying to install enhanced table Plugin in Kibana.
When trying to install the plugin using

$KIBANA_HOME/bin/kibana-plugin install https://github.com/fbaligand/kibana-enhanced-table/releases/download/vX.Y.Z/enhanced-table-X.Y.Z_A.B.C.zip

It gives this error:-

Client request error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND github.com github.com:443

As a workaround I tried downloading the zip folder and then istall but it returned this:-

Error: Client request error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND artifacts.elastic.co artifacts.elastic.co:443
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Client request error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND artifacts.elastic.co artifacts.elastic.co:443"

Can anyone help me how to solve this issue as on Github discussions there are lot of jargons which are hard to digest/understand?

Thank you


Is Kibana installed on a machine that has Internet access? Are you able to browse to the install URL using a web browser on that same machine? The error message leads me to think that either it can't access the Internet, or that there is a DNS resolution problem on that machine/network.

Kibana is installed on a Unix Server.
The reason is believe is the server does not allow download from outside websites.
What are my options.

I just read random words like Proxy in kibana.yml file or
building source code using npm(npm is installed on server but no clue how to proceed).

Or other feasible options

Can you try the "offline installation" again?

Using the zip you downloaded, run the plugin install command, but specify the file:// prefix:

./bin/kibana-plugin install file:///Users/larry/Downloads/enhanced-table-0.7.1_6.3.2.zip

replace the path in the example above with the full path to your download location. Note there are three slashes there -- the first two denote the file:// prefix, and the third is the start of the file path

OMG tons of thanks.
This worked perfectly fine. You made my day man.
You don't even know how experts like you make life easy for noobies like me.

Could you tell me what difference did adding "file://" make?

Glad that worked for you, I'm happy to help! Without getting too technical, the file:// prefix is the protocol of the URL. Normal websites use either http or https as their protocol. The file protocol tells Kibana that you are requesting a file that exists on the local machine, as opposed to a remote machine. A remote machine would need something like http or https to access the file.

The Kibana plugin installer can accept just a plugin name (e.g., ./bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack). When this happens, the installer will automatically try to download a plugin of that name from the Elastic servers. Since it has this capability, we need to be able to distinguish between a plugin name, and a URL. Having the protocol at the beginning helps Kibana make that distinction.

okay, Got it.
Also, i tried the same method to install the plugin for Logstash but this time they gave me another error. Upon some research I figured it demanded some dependencies which require internet. So i tried using "prepare-offline-plugin" command but it showed this error.
Failed to open TCP connection to rubygems.org:443

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