Install Winlogbeat-overview.json on Kibana on Linux


I have a new installation of Elasticsearch and Kibana running on CentOS. I have installed a Winlogbeat agent on a test server and am receiving data which I can view and search, and now want to see the example Winlogbeat dashboards.

There is a Winlogbeat-overview.json for Kibana included in the Winlogbeat download, but when I try to import this into Kibana via Management / Saved Objects / Import, it tells me the format is invalid.

"Saved objects file format is invalid and cannot be imported."

Does this dashboard only work on Kibana running on Windows?

I am using latest Kibana, Elasticsearch and Winlogbeat, v7.0.1

Thank you

There is a setup which will load the dashboards, outlined here:

Thanks I missed that. Working now

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