Installation on ubantu

Hello Sir,
I have done the search functionality with fscrawler on local server. It is working good.
Now I am uploading on ubantu server. Elastic search is active. But for fscralwer getting error for file content. Elastic search service client cant not restart error on command prompt.
Please help.

Could you share the error message?

Sir,Now it is on window server. And fscrawler giving error like warning-set-filename-as-stored-field and cant taking the contents of new files having only email and phone numbers.
Error while crawling ..... Mapping is incorrect: please set stored: true on field [file.filename].
Please reply Sir.

but i checked _default folder in all folder file.filename store filed is true.

This message indicates that the mapping in Elasticsearch is not correct for the index or the index_folder index.

The easiest way is to remove those 2 indices and restart FSCrawler. But this will remove everything.

ok Sir.But after removal of two indexes need to create again through elasticsearch ? and Then we have to restart fscrawler?

Do not create indices manually or if you do, please use the provided mapping.

ok Sir . I am saying like using the curl command curl -X PUT -"localhost:9200/test_index?pretty".

So there is no need to create index .When we start fscrawler it will automatic create index correct?


  1. DELETE the indices
  2. Start fscrawler
  3. Enjoy