Installed X-Pack but Monitoring Menu doesn't appear on Kibana

I've installed X-Pack on Elastic and Kibana; however, on Kibana interface the Monitoring menu doesn't appear. The version I'm running is 5.4.0 and x-pack was installed using zip file

bin/elasticsearch-plugin list --verbose
Plugins directory: /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins

  • Plugin information:
    Name: x-pack
    Description: Elasticsearch Expanded Pack Plugin
    Version: 5.4.0
    Native Controller: true
  • Classname: org.elasticsearch.xpack.XPackPlugin

I can see that some default indexes got created though:

yellow open .watcher-history-3-2017.11.06 ByqCCr61Ty2HIkTozeLBkw 1 1   7165    0     5mb     5mb
yellow open .monitoring-es-2-2017.11.03   Y6WMQhysTc69I3NmT_Z8Gw 1 1  78227  375  43.6mb  43.6mb
yellow open .watches                      SFo_vMoSTF6C9xP66IhZGw 1 1      4    0  39.4kb  39.4kb
yellow open .monitoring-es-2-2017.11.05   _NHgXBDOQdWe7pueSg5Quw 1 1 250948 1321   147mb   147mb
yellow open .watcher-history-3-2017.11.07 EflYePMvSlW0iMJ-Kskcqg 1 1   2835    0     2mb     2mb
yellow open .watcher-history-3-2017.11.04 SU0uL3a_SBOYJyunbjktiQ 1 1   7200    0     5mb     5mb
yellow open .watcher-history-3-2017.11.05 Tbd7JHpaROeFF_SYPcPs3A 1 1   7200    0     5mb     5mb
yellow open .monitoring-alerts-2          FrvQO23mTveWXl0F6ad0bg 1 1      1    0  13.1kb  13.1kb
yellow open .monitoring-data-2            eax3AZA6S5m_zFVz6vU5XQ 1 1      2    0     8kb     8kb
yellow open .watcher-history-3-2017.11.03 cjlFNBR8QgO-ZJdXzqDs4g 1 1   2550    0   1.9mb   1.9mb
yellow open .monitoring-es-2-2017.11.06   Cte_q9MSQSSp6MelpOVzBg 1 1 268308 1918 156.4mb 156.4mb
yellow open .monitoring-es-2-2017.11.07   3LObo44SQ1e3hS-YHBY0xg 1 1 112443  564    65mb    65mb
yellow open .triggered_watches            oVBWP26HT6aDo79axW5T5A 1 1      0    0 238.4kb 238.4kb
yellow open .monitoring-es-2-2017.11.04   G6h6wBpwSJiCXhSxSyvchQ 1 1 233629 1541 136.2mb 136.2mb
yellow open .kibana                       urpLW9FTSKWaz4y-s-HELQ 1 1     11    0  34.7kb  34.7kb
green  open .security                     Xhcv8DMHSSuwPSEmbOjHTw 1 0      4    0  13.5kb  13.5kb

kibana.yml has:

xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
xpack.monitoring.ui.enabled: true false

and elastic.yam has: false true false

I also have cerebro installed on that node.

any hints?

I could reproduce your situation with the same settings, when X-Pack is not installed on Kibana, but only
on Elasticsearch.

If this is the case for you, please make sure you have installed X-Pack on Kibana too, by following this guide

Thanks. However, I indeed installed Xpack for Kibana same as I did on Elastic. I mentioned it in the top of my message.
But your link helped. I re-installed the X-pack again specifying the user. And it worked. ))) Thank you for pointing to the useful link!

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