Installing beats dashboard into kibana, version 6.x


I'm testing metricbeat:6.0.0-rc1 and confused on how to import dashboards into kibana when using as output logstash in an automated way(using ansible). I'm installing metricbeat which is configured default to send output to logstash. After metricbeat is running I'm trying to to execute

metricbeat setup -E "output.elasticsearch.hosts=[\"\"]" --dashboards

but I get error:

Exiting: error unpacking config data: more then one namespace configured accessing 'output' (source:'/etc/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml')

I understand that in version 6.x only one output is allowed but how do we import dashboards without changing the config to: stop metricbeat -> disable logstash -> enable elasticsearch -> load dashboards -> enable logstash -> start metricbeat? Am I missing smth ?


Currently it is not possible to import dashboards through Logstash. Assuming you deploy beats automatically and larger number of, it is not encourage to run each with the setup command. So instead I would recommend to have one beat close to Elasticsearch that only is responsible for loading the dashboards and only has the Elasticsearch output.


Thx for the replay, yes this seems to be a solution for me, thx. I think some updates in the docs will do a plus for such scenarios.

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