Installing Elasticsearch on 2 network interfaces

Hi all;

I am trying to send metrics to a machine which has 2 network interfaces with different IP address. Elasticsearch is installed on first one. I need to send data from a node on second interface via topbeat. So, I am using 2nd IP address of elasticsearch machine to tell topbeat where to send data. Topbeat is running, as elasticsearch is. Also, topbeat is on a centos linux system and elasticsearch is on a windows. However, I cannot see any data. Is it because of difference IP addresses or different OSes? How can I solve this?

Thank you.

You should use metricbeat instead of topbeat, as it's been merged into the former.

What do the logs show?

Does metricbeat solve this problem? Because, we did try both metricbeat and topbeat for collect metrics, but topbeat show us more accurate results such as memory usage. Metricbeat's results were wrong. We built an system and ELK stack is a part of it, so it is not so easy to change topbeat to metric beat but if it will solve the issue, I am gonna try. About log files, interestingly, I cannot find any log files belong to topbeat. Instead, I took a wireshark record. It shows us the packets but no data in it. It seems as a heartbeat. :frowning:

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