Installing Multiple Plugins

So I have about 5 plugins I'm going to be installing on Kibana. Each install takes a significant amount of time since it runs through the full Optimizing and caching browser bundles...

Would it be possible to skip that "Optimizing" step until the last plugin is installed? Is it mandatory to run the optimization step for every plugin install?

There is an enhancement request in Kibana about allowing you to install multiple plugins each time:

Although, removing the optimization step has been announced at Elasticon 2017 which will improve this experience from then on.

In the meantime you can try by manually copying the plugins in the plugin folder and then when you restart Kibana it will only do the optimization once.

Ok I'll give that a try, just wasn't sure if all the other steps in the plugin install could be skipped. I assumed there was a point where it merged the package.json of each plugin, but maybe that's handled by the optimization step.

I'll be back with results.

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