Is there a way to automatically install plugins?

(Abhijit) #1

So if i want to install any plugins, i have to run the kibana plugin command. Its a bit cumbersome as i have to install each plugin individually. Can i specify just the names of the plugins somewhere and when kibana starts up, it will automatically install these plugins. I remember that in Kibana 4.1.x, i could add the following to the kibana.yml file

 - plugins/dashboard/index
 - plugins/discover/index
 - plugins/doc/index
 - plugins/kibana/index
 - plugins/markdown_vis/index
 - plugins/metric_vis/index
 - plugins/settings/index
 - plugins/table_vis/index
 - plugins/vis_types/index
 - plugins/visualize/index

is this for already installed plugins? Or is it a way to specify auto install of plugins? Can we do something similar for Kibana 4.4.x?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Not currently, but it's an interesting idea! Why not raise a feature request on GH :slight_smile:

(system) #3