Installing Sense in Kibana other than localhost

(Murali Sarala) #1


I have install Kibana on my localnetwork but running on host name (not localhost). When I install sense and browse to kibana i dont see the plugin displayed but I see the directory sense in installedPlugins directory. I have install marvel which is working fine

Kibana is accessed liek http://servername:5601/app/kibana
Marvel: http://servername:5601/app/marvel

How can I make Sense plugin work like : http://servername:5601/app/sense


(Mark O Stewart) #2

Not sure what you are asking.
This may help

Sense plugin for Kibana works from an icon inside Kibana. To get to Kibana sense there is a small white square icon at right the end of the black bar on top of Kibana.
Click on that square and select Sense icon that shows up below.

then in the Server input bar put your host name and port of Elasticsearch client http://servername:9200

Then run a query from the dialog box below .

GET /_cat/indices?v=pretty

alternatively I use the Google Sense chrome plugin. Search google for sense Chrome plugin.
After installed use the green small icon to the right of the Omnibox (url line) to open sense interface.

Put in elasticsearch hostname and port.
Run query
GET /_cat/indices?v=pretty

(Murali Sarala) #3

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. The problem is I don't see the icon there. I can see
marvel icon but not sense. I am sure that I have installed the sense plugin
similar to marvel. I thought sense plugin can only be accesses using
localhost, is this true?

Thanks and Regards

(Mark Walkom) #4

What version are you on?

(Murali Sarala) #5

Hi Mark,

I am on 2.4.

Thanks and Regards

(Mark Walkom) #6

Kibana 2.4?

(Murali Sarala) #7

No ES 2.4 and kibana 4.6.1

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