Installing x-pack for elasticsearch with a proxy authentification problem

Hi, I've been trying to install x-pack with a proxy on Elasticsearch for a while now and i've been having the following error when i try :

I'm using a proxy and the line we can find in the elasticsearch documentation to do my installation :

I do understand that there is an identification problem but I can't get where it comes from, I've used my ID and password as following (this is what I have found on other subjects) :

Other info :
Xubuntu 18.04
elasticsearch 6.2.4
openjdk version "1.8.0_171"

Hi @Paul_Goluche,

Could you please check what authentication does scheme does your proxy require : Basic, Digest, NTLM etc.?

Also I would try with curl/wget to see if I can visit in verbose mode so the proxy settings work, just to verify credentials.

Thanks and Regards,
Yogesh Gaikwad

Have you considered just doing an offline install?
You can manually download x-pack and then install it from a local file.

Hi, my proxy requires a Http Basic authentification.
I can use elasticsearch with no problem using the curl and xget, xput. I have also been able to use kibana with no trouble.
I will try to provide you more info via the verbose mode this evening

Thanks and Regards,
Paul Goluche

I'm trying right now, but I would still like to understand the problem linked to the proxy so it doesn't happen again the day I can only install from a command line..

And I managed to install with no problem thanks !

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