Installing X-pack

I've installed X-pack on a working Elastic/Kibana build for ElasticSearch 6.1.2

However, I have no file called setup-passwords so I am unable to run bin/x-pack/setup-passwords auto. Both kibana and elastic search now require passwords to run, which I do not know what they are.

My x-pack folder is in /usr/local/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack and the only files in there are:

  • roles.yml
  • users_roles
  • role_mapping.yml
  • users

I initially installed Elastic Search and Kibana via homebrew, and I'm not sure if this disrupted my install. Everything was working fine before x-pack and I'm not sure how to move forward.

That's the configuration directory, not the bin directory. I can't remember exactly where homebrew puts the bin directory for Elasticsearch, but can you try running

type elasticsearch

And then do ls -l on that file to find where your Elasticsearch bin directory is located. There should be a x-pack directory under that.

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Hi @TimV - Thanks for responding! type command doesn't work for me, but you put me on the right track.

For anyone else finding this, I found the x-pack directory here:

And I located it from Mac Terminal with find /usr/local -name '*setup-passwords*' -print

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