Installation cleanup

(Josh Speer) #1

I had my environment setup and had issues with certificates, to the point that I wanted to do a complete reinstall. I'm using the tar ball on centos. I've remove the /opt/elasticsearch, /var/lib/elasticsearch, /var/run/elasticsearch and /var/log/elasticsearch. The problem comes when I try to set the passwords for x-pack. When I try to set the passwords using bin/x-pack/setup-passwords with either auto or interactive, the kibana user times out when setting the password. Are there other files that I need to remove or that might be locked?

(andy_zhou) #2

X-PACK data in es all data is in es.

(Josh Speer) #3

That's what I thought. Just not sure why it won't allow me to see the authentication when I've cleaned up everything. I'll reboot the vms and try again. See if there is locked files

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