Problem installing x-pack on Centos 7 virtual box vm

I have elasticsearch 6 and kibana running on a test machine. It is a virtualbox vm running Centos 7. Everything runs fine until I run the kibana-plugin command to install x-pack. It runs fine until it gets to: Optimizing and cacheing browser bundles... It runs for about 5 mins and then reports Killed.

I thought it might be the size of the vm, it currently is running on a 4 processor 4GB vm. This is the second day I have been reading about elastic search, have done some preliminary google searches, and searches on this site but so far I have haven't found out what might be causing it. I tried logging, but the logs were jason formatted and hard to read, so I am looking at logging levels and installed jq to help with the logs.

I was wondering if someone had an idea as to the cause of the problem, it would save time. I am so new to elasticsearch, that at the moment I am just trying to get the basics down, so I don't have a feel for the app yet.

Hi Edward,

I just verified that the setup you describe can be installed with no issue. Virtualbox with

  • CentOS-7-x86_64 ( 3.10.0-693 )
  • 1 cpu
  • 4 GB RAM

The optimizing and caching browser bundles takes a few minutes but completes without errors.

Can you share some of the logs so that we can assist you to get to the bottom of this ?

Thanks for checking. Did you follow the installation instructions found on this page?

I did not make any system configuration changes, and just went down the list as shown. Although I did not have 4 G ram the first time.

Which log is most useful? Kibana does not output a log without configuring it to do so, and is the standard logging level enough? I don’t have time at the moment to get the logs, but knowing it should work is half the battle. I will start over again, set up logging for Kibana, and if it does not work, I will ship the logs.

I appreciate the help. The setup for the ELK stack is amazingly simple for such a powerful program. I just started reading about it, and took a couple of Udemy Courses. Along with’s documentation, it has been an interesting learning exercise.

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