Insure rebalance data between data node

I'm wondering why it was occurred, from the beginning I used the schema of rebalance date through shards (7shards per index). I have 7 data node and one of additional as coordinator. But one of them is going to reach a watermark 84% but other nodes have occupied in ~20% 45%. Why doesn't elastic distribute this data equally? How can I ensure an even distribution. I thought that using the rule of dividing by shards in the number of data nodes would solve this issue. Indexes are of different value because I keep different pipelines on this deployment.
Please explain. Thanks

Can you share the result of GET _cat/shards?v&s=s from Kibana Dev Console or using a curl?

What are the configuration of your nodes? Are the disk size the same for your 7 nodes?

Hi Yes I have the same one disk size: 2TB x7 data nodes

Please find enclosed GET print from dev tool.

name                id   node.role heap.current heap.percent heap.max
instance-0000000035 LlPM cdfhrstw         5.8gb           73      8gb
instance-0000000039 jnWE cdfhrstw         3.3gb           42      8gb
instance-0000000036 UwRe ir               2.9gb           72      4gb
instance-0000000040 ojmq mr               1.4gb           29    4.8gb
instance-0000000032 2a3Z cdfhrstw         5.8gb           72      8gb
instance-0000000038 cN8c cdfhrstw         5.3gb           67      8gb
instance-0000000033 yIDp cdfhrstw         5.8gb           73      8gb
instance-0000000041 oCR_ cdfhrstw           3gb           37      8gb
instance-0000000037 nfpj lr             362.2mb           70    512mb
instance-0000000034 YYQd cdfhrstw         2.3gb           28      8gb

This issue persisted on instance-0000000033
link to file:

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