Integrating kibana dashboard into react App

Hi Team,

I have a requirement on integrating kibana dashboard into my react application. The dashboard may contains multiple charts(Pie,Time series etc). And, the application will be used by many users .So, the data in each charts should display as per the user whoever logs in.

Here are the steps that i have followed.

  1. created two pie charts with sample data set and added them into a single dashboard.
  2. integrated the dashboard using an iframe into my react application.

Need guidance on next steps:
I need to pass the user id and some custom parameters(Query params, filters etc ) to the dashboard from my react application.Such that, it should reach the charts . So that, the charts gets rendered as per the user.

Please can someone assist me on doing this ?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately we don't currently support "externalizing" our dashboards/widgets directly as react components, however we do offer a means to export parts of Kibana via iframe's. There's a great suggestion here on doing so: Embed dashboard or visualization on an external web page with specified filters.

Passing user-id and other custom parameters might be the tricky part. If the user is logged into Kibana, and they can see the dashboard in question, then they should be able to see "their" version of that dashboard.

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