Integration with nginx stubstatus doesn't work

I work with nginx integration and elastic agent so, I configured host by default, but my instance nginx is https, so kibana observability logs give me the follow error:

"Error fetching data for metricset nginx.stubstatus: error fetching status: error making http request: Get "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority" What is the possible root cause please.

It sounds like you're using a custom CA, you'll need to configure the TLS settings to know about it so we can authenticate with it.

Andrew, this configuration TLS is in my application NGINX right?

No, on our side. Can you share your configuration here?

I'd recommend reading Managing TLS and trusted CA certificates | Pexip Infinity Docs, it'll be hard to fix this without a grounding in how TLS/SSL and CA infrastructure works.

thanks Andrew! I have two configurations Logs and Metrics, Logs is working, but Metrics with stubStatus NO, so I configured my host by default with http. Attach image.

I've moved this to the metrics topic, it's a bit out of my expertise with Uptime / Heartbeat

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