Interactive Dashboard using Control Visualization

Hi all and thank you for the help.
Today I would like to know if it's possible to add/remove visualization on a dashboard from the control panel. I think isn't but let me explain you.
I've only found on the web examples using controls panel to set a filter, and then this filter will be apply on all the dashboard but it's not what I need.
I need to add a visualization like "user selected user1 so import all visualizations with the name xxxxx_user1 on the dashboard" or remove a visualization like "user unchecked user1 so delete all visualization with the name xxxxx_user1 from the dashboard".
Hope being clear

That is not possible.

I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve but can't you just make separate dashboards for each user? If you are using X-pack you can use a combination of users, spaces and document level security to grant each user access to a specific dashboard that only shows "their" visualizations.

Hi @Sjaak01 and thanks for your help.
I believe I will make separate dashboards for each user if it's my only choice yeah ...
Thanks anyway !
All the best

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