Interested in Multi-Project Testing Suite for GSoC 2020

Hi all,

My name is Peter (SHIYI) Tao. I am interested in the Muti-Project Testing Suite project that listed on GSoC 2020.

I already signed up and share my proposal draft through GSoC website. I have PR for up recently to fix one of the issues that marked as good first issue and working on the PR about the project I choose.

I have a few questions:

  1. According to the GSoC guideline, I should share the google doc (proposal) with the mentors but I don't know their email address, any idea where I can find them? (I can find one through his GitHub page but not the other one),
  2. Any extra steps I need to follow as a community contributor? (I already signed the agreement) And I assume it's normal that it takes a while to get feedback from the PR?


Hello and welcome!

  1. The screenshot in the GitHub repository shows mine. If you set the permissions to "anyone with link" and add me explicitly I'll share it with the others :slight_smile:
  2. The most important part is completing the GSoC application. Otherwise we cannot accept you. CLA is great, but not as urgent.

Looking forward to your application!