Statistics please?

Hi guys,

Now that the results are out it would be cool to know some stats. Like how many slots?
How many proposals received in total? Anything else that you found interesting.

In case this information cannot be disclosed its also cool to reply we can't tell you :smile:

Hey guys and gals,

For the sake of transparency I guess we can post some stats:
We have received 30 proposals and narrowed them down to 3 we felt comfortable doing. This includes both the student (based on the abstract and the PR(s)) as well as our mentoring capacities. Google was kind enough to grant us 3 slots, but one of those 3 students was accepted by multiple organizations and we "lost". Thus we are doing 2 projects this summer.

We are starting small and our hope is to expand next year.

If you haven't been selected, please don't be too disappointed. We evaluated pretty strictly this year, but would love to have more contributions from you. This will also greatly increase your chances for next year. The application period is a very short timeframe to make a good contribution to be honest.

I hope this answers the question :slight_smile: