Invalid data view without timeFieldName

Hi, I am trying to configure alerts from Kibana console. I using the option from Stack Management -> Rules and Connector. I want to create the alert for documents in es index. For example: If I index the document where "salary" property is less or equal to some number then I want to trigger an action. When I test my rule in the console its working and returning the documents.

I want to use Index connector i.e I want to store the alert info in es index. I used below index to index in the alert info


The es index for which I want to configure alerts, contains only id, name, salary properties.

When I run my rule I get below error
Invalid data view without timeFieldName

I am confused, which index it is talking about, if is it mandatory to use timeFieldName in one of the index. I just started to learn Kibana , couldn't find anything related to this in document.


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Could you please provide the Kibana version you are using? Also, there is a typo in your document to index snippet, "conext.timestamp" instead of "context.timestamp" which might be the reason behind the error.

I am using 8.4.3 version and that code snippet is a typo I made in question sorry for that!

No problem :slight_smile:

Please check that the Timestamp field is set up properly for the Data View used by the rule. You'll find it under Stack Management > Data Views and then select the data view and click on edit. Timestamp field should be filled with a field, the most commonly used field is @timestamp, if you cannot choose that field you can add the field in the data view, its type should be date

I couldn't add the @timestamp field through edit option, so I used Add Field option in Data Views and added the @timestamp of type Date, but still not working same error

After creating the timestamp field, did you update the data view to use that field as timestamp field?

I still can't select that field in edit data view option

Try by removing the @timestamp field (as I think it's a runtime field now) and try by running in the dev console this:

  "properties": {
    "@timestamp": {
      "type": "date"

Also, when trying to add the timestamp field make sure it refreshes, to do so you'll have to update the index name by, for example, rewriting it again

Hi error is gone form rule section, after creating new index with @timestamp I could select the @timestamp field in time field options now, but data view is not showing anything when I add data in index. I am not sending the value for @timestamp field . Do I have to send the timestamp value also, I guess it will indexed automatically. So overall error is gone from rule section but as I am checking the condition on data view and data view is not showing my alerting is not working.

Hi, you'll have to populate the @timestamp field in order to make it work

Its working, Thanks :pray:

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