Invalid index name [_security], must not start with '_', '-', or '+'

Elasticsearch version :6.3.0

This is available from 6.8 or 7.9 with a basic free license. Upgrading is my first advice.

Also, in 6.3, the API endpoint was different :

But as @dadoonet said, do update to a recent version please

Do you have to work with kibana and elasticsearch in the same version?
I can not pass if it is noon :frowning:

Yes. You must the same version.

Then I can't upgrade :frowning:
Do you have any other solution? To register an external user, a request must be made.

I shared the same above.
did not you see ?

You posted the docs page for version 7.9 while you are using version 6.3. I shared the docs page for version 6.3 that illustrates that you should be using a different API endpoint because back in 6.3, the endpoint was different.

Thank you very much.

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