IOT data storing to elasticsearch

(Anil Mathews) #1

How can I change the x-axis variable in kibana. I want to change that to a level value which is contained in my IOT data which I stored in the elasticsearch using logstash.

(Larry Gregory) #2

Hi @AnilM,

I don't quite understand what you are trying to do. Can you provide more information? A screenshot of what you have so far, and a sample dataset would be helpful here.


(Anil Mathews) #3

Hi Larry,
I will rephrase my question.Basically in Kibana how to configure the line chart x- axis for any variable value other than count, average, min, max etc.
What I want really is for example , I am storing a level sensor values with timestamp, lat ,long and level. I want to plot a line graph with this level data as x and y with timestamp.
But when I try to configure x-axis I see only count, average ,min ,max etc.
I am I misunderstanding something


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