Time-Value chart in Kibana

Is it possible to create a basic time-value line chart ? We have a stream of data coming in and based on the filter condition, we want to plot time/value < temperature> chart on Kibana dashbaord.

Is there an option to do it ?


I don't fully understand your question so I hope you can help me clarify it

  • what do you mean by based on filter condition ?
  • can you provide a sample of what you would like to achieve ?

generally ... in line chart you can select date histogram for your X axis (so time will be ploted on X axis) and for your Y axis you can select a metric ... for your case you could use average on a temperature field.

This will produce a chart where you have time on x and value (temp) on y axis ... You can then change the time range for example to go from days to weeks .... and the average temperature over the weeks will be plotted. Let me know if this is going in the right direction.

Thanks Peter.

My data sample is like this

Multiple devices are sending me data over a 30 second interval. Each device has a device ID.

{ "device_id":1, "temp":[temperature value] }
{ "device_id":2, "temp":[temperature vale] }

{ "device_id":1, "temp":[temperature vale ]}
{ "device_id":2, "temp":[temperature vale ]}

{ "device_id":1, "temp":[temperature vale]}
{ "device_id":2, "temp":[temperature vale] }

I want to filter the data using device_id and then plot the temperature for a particular device.

As suggested , i can use average but is it possible to use absolute value ?


No, the way how elasticsearch works (in terms of bucket) you need to provide a function to get a single value out of multi value bucket. Now if you are logging your data once per minute, and you set interval to minute you will actually get the absolute data. But this gives you extra flexibility, if you change your interval to hour now, you will get an avarage of your hourly temperature.

makes sense. I will try it this way.


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