Is a moving average line possible in Canvas


I am currently experimenting with a line graph within Canvas and was wondering if it was possible to get a moving average/trend line on a line graph using the canvas charts.

E.g. If i had a chart that looked like the one above would it then be possible to add moving average line on top of this line that could look something like this (excuse the poor drawing)


You can create 2 line charts and stack them on top of each other while using a transparent background for whichever chart is in the front and it should work like what you are expecting.

Hi @aaron-nimocks,

Thank you for the reply, I am able to do this but it is not an ideal solution for us right now. Did you know if instead of a trend line there is anyway to add a horizontal line with a constant value instead to the same graph rather than having 2 graphs on top of each other?

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