Is it possible and how to create trend line in kibana

I have few bar graphs where the time is on the X - count on the Y - would like to have trend line for the whole graph; Is that possible? Could not find it in kibana, looked at options under graph too.

Thanks in advance

A line graph? Or is there more to this?

Sorry I was not clear - trend line as in extending beyond the actual data - say simple linear extrapolation - or moving average, so not just the exact envelope - which would be line graph - but more like smoothing approximation that hints on the trend.

There's a few things you can do via Timelion, such as moving averages.

If you want to do predictive trending, you can using pipeline aggs in ES, but you need to run it and index it back in to then graph it. Currently KB doesn't have this functionality exposed.

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Got it - thank you Mark.