Is Elasticsearch paid?


I have an ecommerce app and I would like to utilize Elasticsearch to search my products by customers. Do I need to buy a license in this case? I just want to make sure

no, it is open-source and free under Apache License 2.0.
The paid versions include additional features and support beyond the open-source Elasticsearch (eg machine learning)

  • NOTE: This is NOT correct - it was true until version 7.11 see bellow leandrojmp's answer

This is not correct, Elasticsearch is not open-source and is not under Apache License since version 7.11.

It is under the Elastic license which has a free tier called Basic , you can check the differences between the free tier and the paid ones on this link.


It look like there it's not quite free. But I think for my needs it should be enough. I test my ecommerce app on host platform which not support Elasticsearch. Solution it would be install ES on nearby enviroment (VPS - for example) which could be connected with my app. But it could be bad for efficiency. Other solution - deploy ecommerce app with data base and ES on one VPS platform.

As mentioned, there are free (Basic) features and paid features, you need to check the subscription page to see if what you need to do requires a paid license or not.

But you can do a lot of things with the free license.

Ok, thank you very much.

I agree
you can do lot and lot with basic free license

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