Is i possible to set kibana to use multiple elasticsearch nodes?


I have setup a 3 node elasticsearch cluster with setting;

node.master: true true

I have 3 IPs, and, and the ports allocated for elasticsearch are 9200, 9210 and 9220 respectively. I have configured elasticsearch in my kibana.yml like;

elasticsearch.url: ""

I would like to know if its possible to configure an array of IP and ports like;

elasticsearch.url: ["","",""]

This is because, it is fine if the first node to up is and what if the first node to come alive is and is down? In this situation, kibana wont get response from right? Or if there is something like is down and unable to get up, and other nodes are alive? What I want is something like, I want to use kibana, no matter which elasticsearch node is up. Is this possible?


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Currently specifying multiple Elasticseach nodes is not supported. There is currently a ticket for this and we hope to address it soon. Feel free to subscript for future updates:

One option is to put the nodes behind a load balancer.


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