Is it possible to add the 'Fields' sidebar in a Kibana dashboard?

(Nikhil Owalekar) #1

The 'Fields' sidebar that is provided in the Discover section is very powerful. But the Discover section lacks visualizing capabilities. So, with a bunch of visualizations and a saved search I created a dashboard. But I miss the functionality of the 'Fields' sidebar, that lets you explore all the available fields.

Is it possible to add/have this side bar in a Kibana dashboard?

(If the sidebar is called something else, here is an image for reference)

(Joe Fleming) #2

Sidebar is what we call it too :wink:

No, there isn't a way to do this on the Dashboard. But I'm curious, what would you even do with it if such a thing did exist? Why do you find it useful to know what fields exist in the Dashboard?

(Nikhil Owalekar) #3

The sidebar doesn't just show the fields. It also shows percentage distribution of the values of each field (from top 500 records)
I have a (sort of all-in-one) dashboard which has a bunch of visualizations to help see trends. I feel the only thing that's makes me go back to discover mode, is the sidebar.

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