Is it possible to customize the machine learning algorithms?


Is it possible to customize the machine learning algorithms?
I mean, is it possible to use my own algorithms?

Thnak you

If by "customize" you mean "write your own" - then certainly you don't need Elastic ML. Just interface with Elasticsearch via a client (like the python client) and implement any algorithm you want in python.

Elastic ML is really meant to help those that don't want to do that.

  1. Let's assume I interface via a client:
    Will I be able to do online/real time training (streamming data)?
    Can I upload my algorithm into Elastic? Or the trained ML model? I like Elastic's data visualization.

    What does the X-Pack code is now open mean?
    Can I see the scritps? Are they written in python? Where can I find the algorithms?

  1. You would need to manage your own data streaming and results serialization. You would need to design your own visualizations using Kibana components or otherwise. You would not be able to use the Elastic ML ones.

  2. The code is C++ and is open/visible on GitHub. While the code is "open" is is not free, it is licenced. Making the code visible was done in v6.3...prior to that the code was closed/hidden.

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I cannot find the code. I only see java.

Just Google "elastic ML source code" it'll be one of the first results

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