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I'm new in Elastic stack.
Looking on the Anomaly Detection in the X-pack package.
I was wondering if setting up , configuring , ruining and displaying the job result can be fully done via API.
I run across the API reference here :
but before giving it a try I was wondering if everything that could be done though Kibana can also be done via the API.
For example , Can I fully display the job results in my out visualization when calling the correct API's ?
To fully draw the results I need to fetch data source along with the anomalous points (including their scores) and the model upper and lower bounds (similar to how Kibana displays it)

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Yes, everything can be fully done via the API.

In addition to using the results API, all information for ML's results is also stored in Elasticsearch indices (.ml-anomalies-*) which can be queried with Elasticsearch DSL and therefore can give you even more flexibility.

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