Machine Learning API

I'm new in Elastic stack.
Looking on the Anomaly Detection in the X-pack package.
I was wondering if setting up , configuring , ruining and displaying the job result can be fully done via API.
I run across the API reference here :
but before giving it a try I was wondering if everything that could be done though Kibana can also be done via the API.
For example , Can I fully display the job results in my out visualization when calling the correct API's ?
To fully draw the results I need to fetch data source along with the anomalous points (including their scores) and the model upper and lower bounds (similar to how Kibana displays it)


Yes, everything can be fully done via the API.

In addition to using the results API, all information for ML's results is also stored in Elasticsearch indices (.ml-anomalies-*) which can be queried with Elasticsearch DSL and therefore can give you even more flexibility.


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