Is it possible to embed a single chart from a dashboard?



I would like to embed a single chart from a dashboard into an external web page (Kibana 5.3).

The share link which I get is for the whole dashboard and I did not find a way to share individual graphs (exactly the graph which is surrounded by a doted line when hovering above it). Is this something which is possible to do?

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If you edit the visualisation you want to share, you will see an option to create the embedded link :slight_smile:


@warkolm : would you be so kind and point me to the right sharing option?

An example dashboard is below. I am about to click on the edit section of the graph I want to embed (is this the "edit" you mentioned?). Again, what I want to embed is the part surrounded by the dotted line:

After clicking I get back to Visualisation:

The only "share" element I see is the one on the top right of the image, which brings me links to the whole visualization pane, and not only the graph.

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Ohhhh ok now I get you.

I don't think there is a way sorry.

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