Share single graph from kibana dashboard

Hi Team,

Is it possible to share a single graph/widget from the Kibana dashboard rather than sharing the entire dashboard using the URL/IFrame?

Kindly Help

Hi @Shyju_M,

Yes, you can go directly to the visualization you want to share and choose Share from there (Kibana -> Visualize -> Your Viz -> Share).


Thank you.

I would like to share only few charts in my Kibana dashboard to the end users of my website without the left menu panels,etc.

Is it possible ?

Well, it depends on what exactly you'd like to hide (remember they are still there, just visually hidden), e.g when you share viz/dashboard left navigation panel is hidden, but Add filter button is available.

I'd encourage you to just try and see how it looks like, when you copy iframe code from Share you can open generated link in browser and see what it gives you.

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