Is it possible to extract data from SolarWinds in order to setup a ELK project?

I have a Solarwinds setup done. I want to extract data from Solarwinds and then push it to Elastic-Search so that I can make a dashboard for it in Kibana. How should I go about it?

Should I look into calling the REST Api's by SolarWinds and extract the data to move forward?

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If solarwinds has an API, then yes you can pull that with one of the Beats or Logstash into Elasticsearch.

But it has 100's of tables and how should I know which table to pull for the monitoring?

No idea sorry, I don't know the inner working of the product. What do their docs say?

It mostly redirects to this but there is nothing related to the schema and how to actually query the data.

Not sure we can help there sorry.

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