Is it possible to install logstash plugin without gem (with out internet)

Is it possible to install logstash plugin without RubyGem on a VM without internet?

HI Magnus,

On this procedure I read: "This procedure requires a staging machine running Logstash that has access to a public or private Rubygems server". I wanted to know if there is a different procedure that will not need RubyGem.

Any way thanks!

Logstash plugins are RubyGems. This workaround is for airgapped data centers. You use a machine that does have full network access, and pack the newly downloaded plugin. You copy that to the airgapped server and unpack it. This is the official workaround. It still requires RubyGems at some level, and likely always will, so long as Logstash plugins are RubyGems.

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