Is it possible to integrate kibana with remote logstash?

I am very new to ELK and currently i installed it to an ubuntu server and i want to know is there a way to integrate Kibana to a remote logstash?(which is in Nagios Logserver)
if so how it can be achieved?

Hope to get a some help

Logstash has to write data into Elasticsearch and Kibana then uses that data to render the data. Post which you can explore via Discover.
Am not sure how Kibana would be integrated into remote Logstash bypassing Elasticsearch- it cannot be done.


thank you rashmi for the responses..
So is it possible with Kibana + Eleaticsearch ----------> remote logstash?
Because remotely i can access nagios logservers elasticsearch (http://mynagiosip:9200) when i curl it response with json but dont know how it can be done from ELK at other side

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