Is it possible to remove unrelated y-axis value in visualization?


I have a log coming in from different sources with exitCode. I created a heatmap to show how many exitCode happened in specific source.

However, sometimes one of the source doesn't have some of the exitCode, but it still shows in the y-axis in the heatmap. Is there way to not show any y-axis value if the count is 0? Here is my heatmap:

In my heatmap, you can see that psh-app-postprocessor never had INVALID_ZIP_FILE_EXCEPTION, but it still shows in the y-axis...

When sources don't have some of the exit code are they structured the same? If so a filter from the top checking for the existence of exitCode could help.

Alternatively, if you expand the advanced section you can add JSON input to include something like

{ "min_doc_count": 1 }

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