Is it possible to restore a specific index from a datastream to a datastream from snapshot

Recently we migrated our elasticsearch cluster and used snapshot/restore to do this.

Unfortunately we forgot about a change we made to the lifecycle policy of a the apm traces datastream. Which meant data older than 90 days were automatically deleted.

I can see in the snapshot that the data indexes exist


But when i come to restore just these indexes, i can only select the entire data stream. (should i select the entire data stream?, what will happen to the current index)

Is it possible to restore a specific index to a data stream?

I can't see specific indexes in the drop down, but if i copy and paste the exact name .ds-traces-apm.rum-default-2022.08.07-000003 it will restore. but im left with the problem that the index that i restored is not associated with the data stream?

Is there a way to do this properly?

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We have the same question. We lost both a primary and replica shard from one of our indices and wanted to restore that single index.

Any new on "how to link restored index or any index" to a current datastream ?

Following a restore, I've multiple indices that are not associated with the current datastream anymore :confused:

The procedure I followed is this one: Restore a managed data stream or index | Elasticsearch Guide [8.8] | Elastic

In order to fix the no more linked indices, we can use the api:

POST _data_stream/_modify
  "actions": [
      "add_backing_index": {
        "data_stream": "lyourdsnamehere-default",
        "index": ".ds-logs-yourdsnamehere-2023.06.02-000085"

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