Is it possible to see details by clicking the heat map

Hi, I'm quite impressed by the heat map visualization which provides great insights for my team.

However, is it possible for me to switch to a graph which contains more details by clicking a specific cube of the heat map?

For example, the heat map is currently showing Category-Date, category is one of the fields. If I have another filed: platform and there are 5 platforms under a category.For SDX-8900 category, there are 27 test cases. SDX-8900:{A,B,C,D,E}. If A tested 5 times, B 6 times, C 5 times, D 10 times, E 1 time. Is there a way I can see specific data for platforms ABCDE once I click it? Thanks.

It's actually should be Category.keyword in the graph, sorry for the mistake.

The best way to do this sort of drill down might be with multiple visualizations on a dashboard. Add your heat map to a dashboard and then create another visualization on the platform field with the view you want and add that to the dashboard next to the heat map. When you click on a square in the heat map, it will add filters to the dashboard for the time and category of the square you clicked. This will also filter the platform visualization, now only showing data for the category and time that you clicked on.

Thanks, that's really a good idea. Didn't know all the visualization can be filterd at the same time, definitely will try it.

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