Is it possible to send logs from Logstash 2.x to Logstash 6.x?


I am trying to setup to send logs from Logstash 2.x to Logstash 6.x. Can someone please say if it's possible?


I can't tell whether you mean:

  1. replace a 2.X solution with 6.X
  2. have a 2.X LS instance send events to a 6.X instance.

Hi Guy,

My current setup is - I have a Logstash 2.x forwarding logs to Logstash 5.x.

I am planning to upgrade Elasticsearch to 6.x. And I read that only Logstash 5.6-6.x is supported with Elasticsearch 6.x. And so I want to replace Logstash 5.x with Logstash 6.x.

So I am wondering if Logstash 2.x can forward logs to Logstash 6.x.


How are you doing the forwarding?

I am using http output and input plugins.

With JSON on the wire?

I think that should work.
Read the breaking changes docs.
especially this ->

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