Is it possible to use kibana 4 with tomcat?

I already saw a thread, where this is already discussed.

In a comment,, it was written like "I suggest encorporating Kibanas server it into your server rather than try to find ways around it. Using your server as a reverse proxy that transmits requests back to Kibana shouldn't be hard with most modern servers.".

What is meant by that? Can I run tomcat as a proxy to kibana? How can I show the dashboard generated by Kibana in one of my html pages and still have all the interactivity(adding filters, changing time filter, auto refresh etc..)?


You can use any server that can serve as a remote proxy to proxy kibana if needed. It should work, though we can't officially support it as there are simply too many reverse proxy implementations in the wild to have knowledge of them.

If you wish to embed charts Kibana makes the code todo so available: