Kibana 4 installation with httpd 2.4.10

Hi all,

I'm having a kibana 3 setup which is working along with http 2.4.10 ( ie, Kibana directories are kept under apache -> htdocs directory ).
Now I want to use kibana 4 , could any one please suggest me how I can make kibana 4 working with http 2.4.10. I checked the kibana 4 directory and not able ti found the index.html file which was there in kibana 3

Kibana 4 runs as a service of its own rather than serving static files as Kibana 3 does. With K4 you don't need Apache or any other web server. However, you can nevertheless put K4 behind a web server in a reverse proxy arrangement.

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Thanks for your reply Magnus Back

Could you please tell me the method that I can put K4 behind http using reverse proxy

I'm not in a position to recommend any particular such tutorial or howto for how to configure Apache 2.4 as a reverse proxy but I'm sure there are many of them. There's nothing special about doing this for Kibana so any piece of documentation will do.