Deploying Kibans on own webserver

I know i can use kibana 4 just by runing kibana.bat file which resides in bin folder ,but i dont want to use it in this way Is there a way i can have my only web server to run Kibana?

A lot of people run Kibana behind nginx, though we don't officially support it. I'd search these forums for "nginx" and you'll find a lot of info on it. Beware that some of the blog posts and guides you find on Google are out of date, so you'll want to know what you're doing with Nginx before you begin.

Thanks for swift response Bargs :slight_smile:

Hi bargs,

I have a requirement where our application runs on apache server and we need to integrate Kibana along with Reporting plugin . We do not want to use another seperate webserver to run Kibana.. Please could you help me to integrate Kibana without doing any reverse proxy using nginx. Thanks.

So you want to use an existing Apache server as a reverse proxy in front of Kibana? That should be fine. I'd expect any Apache reverse proxy example configuration to work.

Hi Magnus,

Is it possible to deploy kibana in separate webserver than using Kibana inbuilt webserver was my question. Please help. Thanks.

Kibana is a web service and not just a bunch of static files that can be served by a web server. In other words, you can serve Kibana via a web server acting as a reverse proxy but you do need to run Kibana and let it serve the traffic. Over and out.


We tried loading Kibana using bin/kibana and inject the URL in our application and we often had the kibana server crashing. This is the big issue for us and i was wondering if we could take the code base and deploy in our own web server. Any help on this will be helpful.