Install kibana 4.0.3 or 4.1.1 on IBM HTTP Server

Hello Friends,
I was checking kibana installation and it comes with own http server. So i was wondering is it possible to install it on third partt server like IBM HTTP server or apche.If yes please provide steps or link to web page.
I found 2 issues on github related to that. Just want to make sure that i understand it correctly.

As the issue you linked to explains, Kibana runs an HTTP service of its own and can't be served via static files. However, you can put it behind e.g. IBM HTTP Server in a reverse proxy configuration.

Thanks magnusbaeck. Please provide steps or link which shows how to set up on IBM http server in a reverse proxy configuration.

I've never used IBM HTTP Server but I would assume it's capable of reverse proxy configurations, and in that case I'm positive the documentation covers it.